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Does This Fiat Make Me Look Fat?

Function Vs. Form in a Car


Television personality Marie Kondo is creating a craze in society – convincing us to “unclutter”. Her filtering philosophy for cleaning out closets and garages is, “Does it bring you joy?”. You could ask this of the car you are currently driving.  Does it make you happy? Is it fun to drive or you look good in it? Is it an expression of your personality and lifestyle? Our father drives a maroon Honda Civic. Nothing about this vehicle says “Joy” or personal brand.  He doesn’t care- that’s not why he owns a car. He was looking for reliability, good gas mileage, and low monthly payments. He found all of that in a Honda Civic.

But then there’s our nephew, Emiliano. He drives the world’s most impractical car – a Nissan Skyline. There are very few of these in the United States, and they are barely legal.  The [...]

Road Trip: Spring Wildflowers

From El Paso to Albuquerque

This season’s rain and snow are leaving behind a bevy of blooms in the desert. Come by Finn’s Discount Auto and buy a comfortable car to take your family on a spring road trip. Heading north from El Paso into New Mexico, there are many options for hiking, enjoying a picnic and marveling at the colorful gifts left by winter rain.

Starting in El Paso, hit the Franklin Mountains State Park at 1331 McKelligon Canyon Road. If your timing is right, a blanket of  Mexican gold poppies will be spread out around the base. You may see claret cups in April.

Pack a picnic and head to the Organ Mountains National Monument in Las Cruces. Here you’ll see a smattering of the Mexican gold poppies, along blue lupine. The magnificent Saguaro cactus and the Organ Pipe cactus also bloom in [...]

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