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Like a Virgin

Buying Your First Car

You’ve saved and saved until you just can’t wait a moment longer- you need your first car. Perhaps you’re practical want a sedan to get to church and school, or you need a truck for work, or just want to drive fast in something sexy. There are some general rules that everyone can use to choose the best first car.

Establish a monthly budget

For many of us, there is a vast chasm between what we want, and what we can afford. Take a realistic look at your budget so you know how much you can spend on payments, insurance, gas, and maintenance. You don’t want to fall behind on car payments, or your car can berepossessed and you’ll lose your down payment and everything you’ve paid so far.

Take an Honest look at What Your Life is Like Now, and What You Want it to Look [...]

Understanding Your Credit Score

How to Go From High Risk to High Rolling

A credit score is your financial behavior, expressed as a number. They typically range from 350-800. The lower the score, the less likely it is that you will repay debt- or at least that’s the story the numbers tell. To banks, you are considered a bigger risk.  These numbers aren’t based on anything personal, like your job is, race, gender, sexual preference, or if you are single or dating many people- to the banks, you’re just a number.

This number is based on data culled from your financial footprint by FICO: what types of credit and debt do you have? Student loans, home mortgages, or credit cards. Then it looks at how often you make payments on time, how many accounts you have in good standing, your debt to available credit ratio, credit limits, length of credit history [...]

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